Social Issues

Social Issues

Professional, peer-reviewed papers regarding various social issues, contrasting the social outworking of the evolutionary and biblical worldviews.

The Central Role of Darwinism in the Vietnam War

The Central Role of Darwinism in the Vietnam War

Dr. Jerry Bergman • March 1, 2023

Charles Darwin’s (1809–1882) ideas helped to guide Social Darwinism, which was an underpinning of the Communist and the National Socialist (Nazi) ideologies.

Social Issues on Answers Research Journal

The evolutionary and the biblical worldview oppose one another on claims regarding the origin and age of the earth and universe, life, humanity, and morality. They are also opposing worldviews regarding man’s nature, place in the universe, and ultimate end. It’s not surprising, then, that they have vastly different views (and consequences) when it comes to social issues.

The aim of the social-issue research at Answers Research Journal (ARJ) is to consider issues such as abortion, euthanasia, psychiatry, psychology, eugenics, racism, morality, and war within the context of a biblical worldview. This means we bring to bear what the Bible teaches when examining and considering these issues. This includes the Bible’s moral/spiritual teachings, as well as the true, historical account of mankind’s history, sin nature and fallen state, need for redemption, and eternal soul.

We will also examine if and how past and ongoing injustices (whether they are recognized by the majority as such or not) have their roots in evolutionary naturalism. Research has shed light on historical atrocities and the so-called scientific rationale for these acts, and the evolutionary roots of such “science.”

In the naturalistic evolutionary worldview, mankind is the sum of our genes, the product of millions of years of chance processes, a highly evolved animal, accountable to no higher authority than other humans, and destined for the dust like every other life form.

This contrasts with the biblical worldview, which says the Creator God specially designed two humans to bear his very image, gave them eternal souls, and made them “very good.” They sinned against God, plunging the human race into brokenness and depravity. All humans are accountable to God, and the standard for morality is provided in his Word. All humans have sinful hearts, and the solution to this sin problem is God himself, who came in the person of Jesus Christ, lived a perfect life, died in our place, and rose again. Those who repent and trust in Christ are a new creation, have been given power over sin, and have eternal life.

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