The Gospel

The Gospel

Professional, peer-reviewed papers about the gospel of Jesus Christ from the perspective of a recent creation and global Flood within a biblical framework.

The Gospel on Answers Research Journal

Because of sin, first introduced into creation by our first parents Adam and Eve and perpetuated by all people ever since, all people are under a just, eternal condemnation and are separated from God. To be saved and reconciled back to God, one must believe the gospel message, repent of his or her sin, and put his or her faith in Jesus Christ alone.

The gospel is at the heart of what it means to follow God as a Christian. Moreover, it has implications in areas related to a scientific journal like the Answers Research Journal (ARJ). For instance, if Jesus never existed, then there would be no Son of God to die for sins. Or if Jesus was never resurrected and remained in the tomb, there would be no basis to believe in a future resurrection that is promised in Scripture. So scientific, philosophical, and theological inquiries have a direct bearing on the content of the gospel.

The aim of the research papers in Answers Research Journal (ARJ) is to consider the gospel from the starting point of a recent Creation and global Flood within a biblical framework. These professional, peer-reviewed papers address issues related to the gospel and how that understanding relates to other areas of science, philosophy, and theology. This journal considers the gospel in the light of biblical studies, the resurrection of Jesus, archaeology, Augustine, evolutionary creation, theistic evolution, the uniqueness of man, and other areas within a biblical framework.

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